Is the race inside park boundaries?

Yes! Half the race is held inside the park including the incredible run down Lake Shore Drive. Please note that registration only allows for the runner to enter the park. Spectators will be charged to enter.

Why Half Marathons and not other distances?

Two primary reasons

1. Half marathons have experienced a surge in popularity over the past decade. It is currently the second most popular running distance in America. In short, its what most people want.

2. Running then hiking. Our races take place near national parks. It is challenging to tackle a half marathon with little or no training, where many people can run a 5k or a 10k with minimal training. However, the shorter distance (compared to a full marathon) means you can recover quickly. You can run Saturday morning and by Sunday morning many runners are up for a hike. We want to encourage our runners to make a vacation out of this event and enjoy the park.

As we continue with our race series we will explore additional distances in order to serve our runners. If we find there in interest in a marathon, we may consider adding one in addition to the half, but for now, we are focused on producing incredible half marathons.

How long do I have to finish? Can I walk?

Yes! Our cutoff for the race is 4 hours. Plenty of time for even slowish walkers. That is a 18 minute mile.

What time does the race start?

The race starts at 6:30am sharp! This is Arizona time! You will need to be careful with time during this race. We are very close to the Utah-Arizona border, and because Arizona doesn’t participate in daylight savings time we will be in a different time zone. Cell phone clocks tend to switch over a lot.

We do not start our races late. We will update the website and our runners immediately if the time changes.

Will there be shuttles to the starting line? Back from the finish line?

We plan to offer shuttles the same way we did last year. We’ll let you know when we have plans finalized.

Are strollers allowed on the course?

No strollers please. The trail portion of this race makes strollers an issue.

Are dogs allowed on the course?

Unfortunately, no. They are a liability that our insurance does not cover. However they are welcome to greet you at the finish line with the rest of your loved ones!

Where should I stay during my visit?

All host hotels, campsites and recommendations are listed on our “Travel Info” page.

Can we register as a team?

Absolutely you can! For details visit our “Team Registration” page.

How do I get a refund?

You can get a full refund until July 22. Starting on July 23 you can get a partial refund. All refund request can be made by logging into RunSignUp.

Who gets a medal?

Place medals will be given to the top 5 male and female runners overall as well as the Masters 40+ group. Additionally, the top 5 in each of the following age groups will also receive a place medal.

11 and younger
75 and older

There will be finisher medals for everyone who finishes the race.

What do the medals look like?

Making beautiful and high-quality medals is one of our priorities. As soon as we have everything finalized we’ll update our blog and let runners know via email.

If I do the Rainbow Club Challenge AND the Lake Powell Trifecta Challenge, do I get 70% off my next race?

Nope. You’ll just get the 50% discount. But you WILL get major props from us for being so hardcore.